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Listen to Earnest Hart Jr., 4x World Kickboxing Champion.

A Martial Artist:  A husband, A father, An actor, A writer, A bodyguard, An entrepreneur, A sibling, An author and more …

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MartialArtsNow.Com is an online directory of (Grandmasters, Sijos, Sokes, Gurus, Sifus, Shihans, Coaches and Masters, in addition to Tactical Military and Para-Military instructors who are actively involved training and teaching martial arts, martial science and/or strategic self-defense. Each instructor must provide a bio and demonstrate their teaching and knowledge before being listed on martialartsnow.com. Having a Master, Sifu, Trainer, Gura or Grandmaster title as well as being a martial arts champion does not automatic qualify one to be listed on martialartsnow.com

The listed masters, coaches and tactical instructors have trained at least 20+ years (consistent training), meeting the minimum age of 40.  The Grandmasters, Sijos and Sokes are held to a higher standard and they have trained 30+ years of consistent training, with evidence (ranking and/or status), minimum age of 55.

Each individual must not only display his or her skills, however, each individual must have contributed to the martial arts via, social change, civic contributions, martial and educational awareness.

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